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    Are there total file limits to LR Collections?

    carls2042307 Level 1

      I think I ran into an issue with a LightRoom Classic (7.3) collections this week. I have 9267 image files in 2 folders in one collection. These were taken over the course of 2 days by 2 people at a dance competition. I usually create a collection per event but I went way over my usual number of 3000 to 4000 images. The source files were copied from the SD cards to a Laptops external drive. The files were renamed on the fly using a Nikon transfer app. so each SD card loaded would continue the naming sequence. These files were transferred to a NAS system. Connected via GB local switch, after the router (16 GB switch fabric). 2 Switch ports have high priority, 1 for NAS other for desktop. TCPIP for NAS and Desktop are static via DHCP server. I say all of this to let you know that I am not a novice to networking or Servers etc.


      Lightroom Classic loaded the files, the smart previews were turned off. It took about 40 min. before I could work at all while the system was building standard previews. I just let it run. over the course of 1.5 days, I was able to edit 2500 files. The app died twice during this time. Each time it came back I lost ground. So In spite of the 7.3.1 update for crashes etc. ( I know better to do that in the middle of a project. Bonehead I Can Be) that completely hosed my project, locked up the app. could not load an image, just screwed up the works. I had run 2 Catalog backups the day before. The latest one caused LR to choke (written in 7.3 now running 7.3.1) So I reverted back to 7.3 and pulled the earlier catalog back and the app came up and attempted to reload the collection. Never could reload it, I dumped it. So I have now decided to keep all collections to 1000 files or less. I reloaded the source files to a local disk. Built a folder with 12 sub-folders with approx 800 files per folder. Pulling each folder as a set within a collection.


      So basically for the bottom line folks. How many files can LR handle in a collection? Looks like I went over with 9267  


      PS I have a working version of LR 2015 so I could get some images done and feel good using the 12 folders mentioned to start a set.  LR CLassic 7.3 is back on the job now, going to wait for 7.3.2 or more before I update again.