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    JBOss, Two Network Interfaces, Flex Problem

      I am using JBoss as an application server, and has a flex application trying to reach WebServices (Apache),
      located on the server.
      I'm using Flex's WebService class to connect to the web service. The machine on which JBoss is running has two
      network interfaces (two ip addresses). One reachable, the other is not (and It must be that way).
      I load the web services using m_webService.wsdl = "http:XXX/A/B/x.wsdl",
      In the logs I can see that the wsdl loads, but when I try to call to some remote method, flash tries to access it
      using the unreachable IP (again it can be seen with log file).

      Does somebody knows how to solve the problem?
      Does somebody knows where from flex knows the unreachable ip, (I never pass it!)?

      Thank you.