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    Lower looking res after exporting from Premier Pro


      Why does my footage look like it's taken a lower res look after I export from Premier Pro? When I compare my original 5D clip to the same clip, but exported from Premier Pro... it looks like it's more milky. Especially in the eyes of my subject in the clip.


      In Premier Pro, I'm exporting H.264, 1920x1080, Render at Maximum Depth, Bitrate is VBR 2 Pass, Maximum Bitrate 12 and Using Maximum Render Quality.

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          Turn off Max Render and Max Depth, not needed in most cases.


          Where/how are you comparing clips? Best to do it in Premiere - other software players (QuickTime, VLC, etc.) can definitely mess with the image, providing inconsistent looks.


          Also, your camera probably recorded the original clip at something like 28mbps, yet the export is just 12mbps, so less than half - that is a more compressed image, so of course will not be as good. You could increase the bit rate and see if that helps.


          If you'd like to share a screen shot of the Export Settings used, that may be helpful in troubleshooting the issue.


          Thank you



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