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    Contribute to edit Slide Show?

      What is the best way to allow a client to easily modify the contents of a slideshow from within Contribute?

      I would like my client to be able to add his new work to his slideshow without having to do a lot of coding. Yes, he could probably modify the Fireworks slideshow xml after he resizes his images, and uploads them, can this be done within contribute? Thanks

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          ThinkInk Level 2
          When you have an XML option you could use the Publish file from my computer option under >File in teh main menu and update the XML using:

          You cannot edit the .xml files directly in Contribute. What you can do is:

          1. in the main menu go to >Edit>Preferences
          2. go to 'File Editors'
          3. select .xml
          4. add the application (f.i. notepad.exe) and make it 'primary'

          Next you will have to adjust the users and roles settings:

          1. in the main menu go to >Edit>Administer websites and choose your website
          2. choose your role and click Edit Role Settings-button,
          3. go to Editing and check 'Allow users to edit source code in external application'.

          To edit the xml file:

          1. connect to your website
          2. click the Choose button on the right of the address bar
          3. browse to the xml file you want to edit
          4. when the xml file is open Contribute will tell you (This file cannot be displayed in the Contribute web browser.
          You may be able to edit this type of file with another application. Edit your Contribute preferences to specify an application.)
          5. normally you would now go to the main menu click >File>Actions>Edit source code in external application, BUT you don't, you click >File>Actions>Edit Page or the 'Edit-button' in the main screen
          6. notepad will open the file, you can edit the file now, save the file in notepad and then publish the file using Contribute.
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            Do you use Spry? If not, you might want to look into the basics of using it. It's pretty easy with Dreamweaver.

            The reason I ask is because you can use data from an html file instead of xml. It takes a bit of manual coding on your part because Dreamweaver CS3 only has a nice dialoge for xml data, but it's still pretty easy. Anyway, what I do is, create a repeating region template where the rows repeat. The table is basically a html database table and the user gets to use the neat little selector buttons to add, delete and reorder rows in Contribute.

            Then, the Spry function will read that rows from that table and you get an easily editable effect. In your case, make a table with rows of pictures and maybe a description. Your client can then open the table in Contribute and add, delete or reorder rows and use standard html code, like insering a picture, to format the rows.

            One the table gets published, the Spry function reads the new data and the slide show has been modified. It takes a little work on your part as the designer/developer, but once it's done it works great. Then your client doesn't have to do XML, which some find confusing. An html table is just like a spreadsheet and most are familiar with and understand that.