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    A LOT of bugs in Premiere CC 2018

    Hick Duarte

        Hello everyone,

        I'm working on a shared project, but a lot of conflicts that I've (and apparently every fellow editor whom I've talked) never seen are happening and making me sick. I tried to reinstall Premiere, but when I import my Sony 7S2 files, only a few of them came normal, in most only the audio was imported. The same happened with some Iphone 10 movs... Is it a bug of the last Premiere version (12.1.1)? This is ridiculous, it's impossible to work fine with these bugs. These are no minor bugs!

         And there are more, last week, another project, another sharing, when I opened it and a Media Mismatch message appears when I tried to relink the files. Some relinked normal but for most the Media Mismatch message appears ("The selected file does not contain video media used by clip references in one or more sequences. These video clip references will be deleted and cannot be undone"). This bug DEFORMS your project and none of the solutions I look for solved the problem.