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    Two Problems w/Lightroom; photos are deleted after import & catalog is stored on operating HD


      I am having two MAJOR problems with how Lightroom seems to operate these days, the first of which is that it seems to be deleting all of my raw files from my back up hard drive after I import them. This is a problem because I keep everything in it's own file structure system on an external hard drive. Is there a way to ensure that my original raw files are safely in place after using Lightroom?


      The second problem is that Lightroom keeps eating up all of my storage on my operating hard drive, which is unsustainable. I shoot thousands of raw files a week and store them on 5TB external hard drives, then I import them into Lightroom to edit them. Is there a way to force Lightroom to stop moving files to the operating hard drive? If it is necessary for this program to create duplicate files in it's "own" system, then I would like to force it to store that system on the external hard drive.