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    Trying to generate docs or webhelp, but stuck on "Updating Files"

      I'm working on a large user manual for our software. We had been using x5 to generate our webhelp and printed documentation, until this particular project catastrophically crashed.

      I have since upgraded to version 7 and finally reimported all of the files and got them in the right places. My next step was to attempt to generate the webhelp, and the generation process got to the "Updating Files" step and froze. It stayed that way for nearly 24 hours, until I finally killed the process using Task manager. I tried again, this time attempting to generate the printed documentation, but it has stalled at the same "Updating Files" step. The CPU is maxed out (I've killed every "extra" process that I can) and the hard drive is definitely chugging along, so something is happening, but I'm not sure what. I've tried looking in the destination directory, but there isn't a log file yet.

      Is it possibly still trying to deal with the upgrade from x5 to 7? Should I let it continue running over the weekend, in the hopes that it will finish up?

        • 1. Trying to generate docs or webhelp, but stuck on "Updating Files"
          lmarden Level 2
          Hi Jenn, and welcome to the forum.

          I had very similar issues trying to upgrade to v6, and so skipped it. Then, the same things in v7. What ultimately did the trick for me was to go back to v5 long enough to rename / delete the .cpd file in my projects, let it rebuild in v5, then make the move to v7.

          If you want to try this, make a backup of your project if you haven't already. Then, rename or delete the file that ends in .cpd - something like project.cpd, change it to project.BAD or project.OLD - whatever. Then go into the project again in v5. It will chug along, rebuilding the cpd file content.

          Then try to upgrade.

          You may hear other suggestions here, but this worked for me and is relatively non-invasive and easy to do.

          Good luck!