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    Trying to set up a slideshow timer

    Amy Lee W.
      Hi Everyone,

      I have an AS 2.0 question. I have created a slideshow gallery that has a "slideshow" movieclip that plays thru 5 images and if the user clicks on any of the 5 images, the slideshow mc is deactivated and then seperate movieclips for the photo and copy of the 1-5 images are selected and they appear on the stage but only one by one with the slideshow stopped.

      I want to also include some code that will tell the movie if it is idle for 2 secs, aka no mouse movement, to start the slideshow mc again from whichever image the movie stopped on.

      Below is my code. By all the trace statements, I can see that this happens.... there is a running trace that records where the slideshow_mc.whoIsOn_mc is at all times. When the button is clicked the else statement runs first and then the slideshow_mc.whoIsOn_mc becomes 0 but the setInterval Function never seems to run although sometimes the "somethings happening" trace comes thru and the "reset timer" does too.

      Thank you for your time and ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT!!!!