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    Safari and FlashVars - how to load variables?

      Hi, again!

      So i finally made IE and Firefox load variables through FlashVars with CakePHP (a PHP framework) and i thought everything was fine, untill my friend tried it on his MAC. So It was not enough for IE and Firefox to read different tags (IE read <param name=FlashVars .... /> and Firefox <embedd FlashVars=...../>) but now Safari has it's own way?

      Well in my struggle to make everything work i removed the activecontent generated by Flash's publishing tool cause it didn't seems necessary, is it?

      However my question is, how does Safari read the FlashVars?

      Thank for reply!
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          I have two suggestions, although I don't know anything about how Safari retrieves those variables. I would check to make sure you have declared name and id attributes, that causes problems when passing a var. Second, you should try embedding your flash object with SWFObject 2.0. It's a javascript document that you included similar to the AC_runactive.js doc that flash uses, but it's much more hassle free for cross browser stuff. You can get the js file free off google code, and detailed instructions on how to embed your movie with it, and pass variables.