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    Acrobat stuck in READ mode - How do I resolve?


      I turned on READ mode in my Adobe DC Pro for Mac, once, to read out some PDF files. I have never been able to turn it off.

      The menu item says it's turned off.

      I have been through every possible menu and accessibility option with Adobe support. No use

      I have uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled new copies of the software multiple times. Deleted various libraries indicated by Adobe support. no luck.

      I have another version of Adobe DC Pro running in Windows on parallels that does not have the problem, and files that have the problem on the mac version don't have it on the windows version. So it's not the files.

      I can't see anything obviously different on the rare files that don't trigger it.

      I never had the problem before that first time I switched read-mode on.

      It must be surviving in some kind of local profile that is not getting deleted when I uninstall/reinstall.

      It's not every file but almost every file when I open it, the modal window pops us preparing the content of the file for reading. Every time I open a file I have to press cancel on that button. it's not huge but it is irritating. It's not always possible or desirable to use the windows version, most apps auto-open to the mac one and parallels burns battery.


      Has anyone else ever had this problem?

      Does anyone know how to get into the code to find the trigger for the switching it off?


      And BTW Adobe support have been beyond pathetic, doing nothing helpful other than harass me with emails threatening to close the case because I'm not responding when I'm waiting for them. I have responded to every one with ever more frustrated pleadings for someone to actually contact me. When they do it's an international number, silence for several seconds then a thick Indian voice on a terrible line you can barely converse with who sounds like a SPAM call. I put the phone down the first couple of time till I realised this was Adobe. It would have helped if they had started with "this is Adobe support..." When I finally got someone who claimed to be second line support to promise to email me some tests, the next email informed me the case had been closed.