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    Lightroom Classic CC slideshow can't distinguish between clicks across multiterminazls


      version 6, which I clung to as long as possible, on my iMac distinguished between the terminal it was displaying on, and the second terminal, in which I could do anything, if I recall. at least, I could click on that terminal without terminating the slideshow.


      now I can't do that. I presume it has something to do with being CC, and so who would think about machine issues anymore. so, I can't really use the slideshow any longer and do other work on my computer, and since the images within a catalog are virtiual, there is no other potential slideshow, such as bridge since it can't read into the catalog.


      it is just what it is. there are all sorts of little nits between the desktop, which I've used since the first issue, and have all muscle procedural memory maps that come up short. that's just what depending on software means. I'm not complaining. I'm just pointing it out in case anyone from adobe Lightroom parses this.


      I love the new dehaze slider.