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    Major bug in Premiere Pro for teams

    bernhardthilo Level 1

      Hey guys,


      I have a major bug here in Adobe Premiere for teams. which can really delay a team project if one of the members is gone for a while.


      I pressed "get latest changes", and the "resolve conflicts" panel appeared (as always if  I also changed anything) and then I accidentally clicked "keep my version" - which can happen, cause you always have to manually select what you want to do.


      And now I'm stuck with my version - which is not the latest one we worked on as a team and the lead member of our team is gone for a while and I have no way I can "take" the version again! - Maybe some of you guys do know a way, but otherwise this a major bug that needs to be fixed!


      everywhere, in every app I have the ability the sync it again... exact in Premiere for teams!


      Thanks already for answering, and to adobe, if there is no workaround, please fix it!