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    The REAL nativePath for air.File.documentsDirectory.resolvePath("My Music") in VISTA

      AIR is performing some magic in VISTA OS with the following:
      var musicFolder = air.File.documentsDirectory.resolvePath("My Music");
      air.trace(musicFolder.nativePath) writes "c:\Users\username\Documents\My Music"
      When I use windows explorer to try to navigate to that folder... IT DOES NOT EXIST
      air.trace(musicFolder.exists) writes "true"
      It turns out that AIR is doing an internal substitution
      air.File.documentsDirectory.resolvePath("My Music") --> air.File.userDirectory.resolvePath("Music")

      I want to display the native path for "My Music" so my users know where to find their Music folder if they are trying to find it using their OS native file browser / explorer.

      How can I get a straight answer as to "C:\Documents\username\My Music" exists or not (vs. c:\users\username\Music")