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    Flash + PopUp Blockers = Solution?

    terablade2001 Level 1

      I use flash to make full-flash web-sites. My most recent one is given at: " http://www.imeranews.gr". As you may notice, in order to open the site in full-screen I have to use a pop-up window - which by default all browsers block it. I of course can make it without full-screen popup via other link: " http://imeranews.gr/ism", but again, when I want to open in new windows my links I only can do it with pop-ups (getURL+javascripts), which also are blocked by default.

      The main problem, is that most people that see those web-sites, don't know about the pop-up blockers, and for them the sites doesn't work-doesn't even start! Even if I give tips on the welcoming screen, on how to allow the web-sites to open pop-up windows, in some machines pop-up blockers doesn't work properly according to my reports. Pop-Up blocking is a serious problem due to the fact, that most people use in primitive ways computers and have no idea about settings that they have to do in order to view sites correct.

      Thus I'd like to ask ways to overpass the pop-up blockers with flash -if there exist, or ask for alternative web-sites full-flash designs that won't have problem with pop-ups, even if they use links to other web-sites. Can anyone give any idea or help with that serious problem?...

      Because making web-sites, isn't only to design and develop them. It's also to make them visible and working to all simple web-users that in most cases don't even know basic things!

      Thank you.