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    Date issue when importing



      Sine the last LR update (I'm now in version 7.3.1, camera raw 10.3), I experiment a date/time mismatch when I import pictures.

      In example:  I had a shooting session on thursday april 26, starting 9am and ending around 6PM. 

      I  check the "by date" option in the destination section of the import module when I import my files. 

      Pictures should therefore be in a folder named "2018-04-26".  But instead, they are split on two folders, "2018-04-26" and "2018-04-27", just as if I had been shooting all night long.  I double-check the date and time in my camera, and more surprisingly noticed that picture in the "2018-04-27" folder are time stamped on the 26, although landing in the 27. 

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          This is the first report that I have seen of this problem, if it is a problem with LR or something else.

          So I would first double check the Date/Time the camera is using. Making sure it is also set correctly for AM/PM. If the AM/PM isn't set correctly that could cause the images to go into different folders on import.

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            johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

            There are some longstanding bugs with time zone when importing that Adobe has chosen not to fix. But to know how to work around them, we'll need more details.


            1. Which camera?


            2. How are you importing: A USB cable, a card reader, or from your hard disk (e.g. if you copied the originals to your disk first)?


            3. Select one of the originals that's been placed int the wrong date folder, upload it to Dropbox or similar, and post the sharing link here. We'll be able to tell authoritatively what time(s) have been recorded in the photo and how LR is screwing up.

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              Aspheries Level 1

              1. Camera:  Canon 5Ds and Canon EOS M6.

              2. I Import from my local d: drive, with the following options:

              - files are moved from d:\vide-cartes\[date of shoot] to s:\photos\_2018\ [date of shoot]  (s is a locally attached usb drive)

              - a second copy is made to i:\backup raws\2018\[date of shhot] (i is a network drive attached to a NAS)

              3.  Here's a link to one of the .cr2 pictures:  Dropbox - 5DS_2136.CR2 , which should have landed in (...)\2018-04-28 but landed in (...)\2018-04-29


              Thank you for helping!



              - Pictures shot with my M6 behave the same way. 

              - I shoot in raw + jpeg.  The pair of pictures allways remain together thus behave the same way.

              - my LR catalog contains around 150.000 pictures.

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                johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                Looks like the file didn't completely upload.  Dropbox shows this: