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    Quick style question

      In my program I currently have a HRule inside a VBox inside of the dropdownlist of a combobox. The item in the list that has the HRule is currently disabled, because its a divider.

      My question is how do i set the colour of the HRule line when it is disabled because HRule does not have such a style property. Currently it appears as a disabled line, which is oddly a different colour to what it was when it was enabled despite not having the property. So which component would I need to change the style of in order to change the color of the line when it is disabled

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          HRule has these relevant style properties:

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            EdJZ Level 1
            I am using an auto complete combobox and the dropdownlist has alternating colours.

            alternating-item-colors: #EFEFEF,#E7E7E7;

            my HRule is set to #404040;

            When the divider(HRule) comes up in the initial search results, the colour is alot darker than the colour it was set to, whereas if scrolling is required to show this HRule, it is the colour it was set to using the strokeColor style property. So if i search something and the divider is in the first few items which don't need scrolling its dark, if i scroll down then scroll back up to the divider, it then changes to the correct colour. Which style would i have to set to prevent it from becoming darker initially?