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    Re- Installed software, connected but now cannot edit

      I had changed my ftp password and email and had some other issues, so I uninstalled Adobe Contribute and re-installed and re-started. I have a connection but when I try to edit, it says I cannot because it is currently being edited by another user (my id and old e-mail are shown as the "other user".)
      Should I have deactivated prior to uninstalling and then just started all over that way? I have tried to look under Admin to change my ID and e-mail but do not see an option for this. How do I log off the old and access to Edit? Thanks!
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          radsraman Level 1

          Please add yourself as administrator, that is please go to edit -> Administer website -> <website>

          Now your new username will be added to the administrator role.

          Go the page that you want to edit. Now you will have a info bar that some one is currently editing the page please click here to make the page editable. Please go ahead and break the lock after which you will be able to edit the page.
          Only users in administrator role can break the locak and make page editable.