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    Can't record sound

      I created a new project using the demonstration template. When I went to record I got a popup asking me to calibrate. I accidentally said no and checked the 'do not ask again' box. Now I can't manually calibrate sound or manually change the input device. What is worse, when I open up a previous project for which there is recorded sound I can't play the sound! What gives? Any thoughts?
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          shunted.org Level 1

          Issue solved by uninstalling Captivate 3 and reinstalling it. I guess don't click the 'never show this again' or else you will never be able to calibrate your audio input.
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Welcome to our community, Stewart

            Reinstalling shouldn't have been necessary. If you click Edit > Preferences... > Global node you will see all sorts of click boxes. This is where you may re-enable options that have been turned off. I'm guessing that before reinstalling, you would have seen that the check mark was removed for the option labeled "Check audio input levels".

            Cheers... Rick