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    All kind of brushes move too slow even with the mouse.


      I'm using Photoshop CC 2018 with Windows 10.

      and all type of brushes moves too slow to use. like, the brush follows the cursor after 1 second. (of course, the tablet pressure has disappeared.)

      hard to describe but the liquify brush works abnormally too.


      I really don't think it's about the tablet driver, because there's no difference between mouse and tablet. it still happens even I draw by mouse.

      And everything is fine with other painting software, for example, Clip studio, Sai.


      Not sure when this occurs exactly, but I guess the windows update caused it.



      these are what I already tried,


      -add the "PSUerconfig.txt" file in the settings folder. ▶Photoshop cc 2014 incompatible with Wacom ?

      -uncheck ..things like this ▶ http://i.imgur.com/Viuhhok.jpg

      -delete the windows 10 updates.

      -downgrade the tablet driver.