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    Sequence Duration in Bin Headings?

    Martinnel Level 1

      Is there a bin Metadata display that will tell me what the in-to-out marked duration of a sequence is? I do know, thanks to Meg the Dog, that the Video Duration column heading in a bin will tell me what the in-to-out duration of a clip is. But this does not work for a sequence — it shows the absolute duration of the sequence, just as Media Duration does. Is this heading available and if so, what's it called?


      Why I care: Each time I send a cut out for review, I duplicate it, rename the new one and continue editing on the new sequence (Why: so I can always reference back to the exact cut that has been reviewed by others). I like to leave the old cut marked in-to-out from the beginning of the sequence to the end so I can, at a glance at my sequence bin, see what the duration was. I may have bars, slate and alternate endings in the old sequence so the absolute duration and the in-to-out duration would not necessarily be the same.