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    Context Sensitive Help Infinite Loop

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      Our company has been experiencing issues with the context sensitive help loading over and over again when opened. We are using RoboHelp 2017. We are hosting our help online on our password protected website. We would like the context sensitive help to open the website page. We do not want to include the help in the program files to be called locally, because we would like these to be password protected for licensed users.


      The issue seems to stop happening when we remove the + query code in the topic.js file, but then our pages are cut off.


      We were experiencing issues with the banner below appearing on our pages, but we added a script to the topics to prevent this banner from appearing.



      <script type="text/javascript">function checkHelpWindow() {



      if(window.self === window.top) {










      rh.model.subscribe(rh.consts('EVT_PROJECT_LOADED'), checkHelpWindow);





      This doesn't seem to have any effect on the looping, because whether or not the banner appears the infinite reloading still occurs once the banner is closed.


      We have been relying on map files to call our help.


      The current call relies on rhmapno= tags in the program code.


      I'm afraid what's happening is that we are having issues because we are trying to use the assigned map ids when linking to a url or our calls are incorrect. Do you know why this looping is occurring and how we can call the url properly so that there will not be infinite reloading?

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          Willam van Weelden Level 5

          Do you see the same looping behaviour when you test locally? Or does it matter whether the content is loaded on an unsecured host? (I'm not sure how you are protecting the content, but I'd like to make sure that it doesn't cause the reloading.)


          Do you have an example of the CSH url you are currently using?


          I haven't seen this reloading issue yet. Could it be browser related? Have you installed all the latest patches? Did you upgrade the project from RoboHelp 2015?

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            allissaw Level 1

            We do not have the same issue when we test locally. It does not make a difference on an unsecured host.

            Our current call is [web address]/index.htm?rhmapno=[insert map number]


            It doesn't seem to be router related. This project has been updated from 15 and was first implemented over 10 years ago, so has been passed through many new versions of RoboHelp.


            I can't install the latest patches, because we have invested so much time in customizing the Ocean layout. We really want to use the HTML5, but the Indigo layout doesn't have the right look and feel for our company. When I install the latest patches it cuts the layout off after the header for only the Ocean layout.

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              allissaw Level 1

              browser related* not router related.