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    Premiere Pro 2018 JPG/Still frame issue, duplicate stills appear in timeline

    edit5d62581477 Level 1

      I have a project that involves JPGs. Right now there are 7 jpgs. When I import them into a sequence, 3 of them "change" into another jpg. There are 3 repeated jpgs. When I reveal the incorrect JPG in the finder it goes to what it should be in premiere. I raised the problem frame to V2 below, even the thumbnail is wrong...These are just normal sized JPEG files from photoshop, about 800kb each. When screenshot the frame, and create new media, it works fine. It has something to do with the export from photoshop, and this new premiere version. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!




      Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 4.34.10 PM.png