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    Hidden Project Items not marked as Hidden

    Premiopolis Level 2

      I copied-and-pasted several Sequences from one PPro project to another.

      (For clarity copied from "Project A", pasted into "Project B")

      Then closed Project A.


      The source dependencies (Multicam sequences and Master Clips)

      In Project A those dependent Project Items were visible

      In Project B they arrive but hidden.


      I'm able to reveal them using

        Project Panel > Context Click (i.e. right click) > View Hidden


      The surprise was that none of the hidden files were marked hidden (i.e. Metadata Display... > Premiere Pro Project Metadata > Hide)

      The "Hide" column was not check marked.


      I'm able to make them un-hidden by simply dragging them to a user-created folder.



      - Shouldn't the "Hide" column represent properly when items are brought in by copy-and-paste?

      - Is there another Metadata column that does represent Project Items whose "hidden-ness" is the result of the above copy-and-paste approach?


      Why this matters:

      - When you activate "View Hidden" it's not easy to recognize which items have been revealed.  You can, of course, toggle back and forth (View Hidden / Not View Hidden), but it would be more convenient to have a clear and definitive indication.  (for instance, Mac OS Finder indicates revealed invisible files by showing them as greyed out, and allows them to be searchable based on whether they are visible or invisible)


      - Also looking for a more coherent of the overall PPro ecosystem