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    Return to where users left off

      Is there a way to bring a user back to the deck where they last off if they were to close down their browser.
      I'm not able to afford the way overpriced adobe connect service so I was wondering if anyone new some kind script that could read the browser cookies and return the user to where they left off.

        • 1. Return to where users left off
          You don't really need Connect for tracking (which enables resuming of Content). All you need is an AICC or SCORM compliant LMS. Moodle, OLAT, Wake-Up Call and ILIAS are some open source ones to name a few.

          BTW, that would inadvertantly mean that you would have to setup a server which is accessible to everyone. If all you are interested in is resuming of content then you might like to look at http://www.ostyn.com/standards/scorm/samples/scorm2004testwrapwrap.htm(download here). This emulates a local web page based SCORM 2004 run time environment and hence running SCORM.html from Presenter's SCORM 2004 output on this page would be tracked.
          The html page is not exactly what you want (doesn't use cookie and you might like to shed of the sidebar and topbar) and you might like to change it a bit according to your needs.
          Disclaimer: I am unsure about the copyright issues, if any, for changing this script.