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    Random Loud Audio Pops


      So I've noticed this issue during a few video clips I've been editing. These audio pops only seem to happen in Premiere Pro (CC 20018). I've exported the audio to Audition, went directly to the same second/frame of audio, and the pop wouldn't be there. See below of an example of what it looks like (the square area).


      audio pop 1.JPG


      So your first thought is that this is probably an issue with the original recording... these pops aren't present in the original recording. Oddly enough, they can disappear on their own or they can shift. The one in this picture was actually a couple of seconds earlier in the clip originally but when I zoomed in to take a screenshot, it was gone. I played the clip a couple of different times after and suddenly the pop appeared again, only this time it was two seconds later to where it shows in that picture. I know that it shifted further down the clip because I had edited the audio with keyframes to decrease the audio to -infinity to remove the pop since it only happens across a couple of frames. Those keyframes were in the original position and then when I zoomed back in, the pop had moved.


      But it gets weirder... notice how my marker in the picture below is set on top of the pop and the audio hasn't peaked or shown in the monitor? Yeah... so now the pop is just visually there, but it isn't (at this current time - I stopped editing to post this) actually creating the loud popping sound it was before. None of this would be a problem if not for the fact that 1. these popping sounds are showing up in my final rendered videos and 2. using adaptive audio or some other form of denoiser/dehummer/declicker/etc doesn't even detect/eliminate the sound. I've collected the noise profile, tried to reduce noise, and nothing... the pop is as loud as ever.


      audio pop 2.JPG


      Has anybody else experienced this glitch/bug? Anyway around it other than literally combing through hours of footage, and even then the pop may or may not make an actual sound after some time editing later on?

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          Jim Curtis Level 3

          I haven't seen them on the visual displays of the audio before.  But, I have gotten pops in my audio from having the buffer size set too low.  Try changing them in the Hardware Audio Preferences to the largest number you see.  That's all I can think of.  Perhaps the .pek files were created with the popping integrated.  Good luck.