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    Very dumb question

    Anim9or Level 1
      Hi, this is an embarasing thing t ask, but I was clicking around before and somehow I lost half the properties panel. I have the part that holds the instance name, as well as swap button and "Color:", but I'm missing the part with the x and axis choice as well as variable declaration on dynamic and input text. I triesd going through the options in the window panel, but got nothing.

      Thanks in advance!
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          Shandy Elliott Level 1
          Depending on which Flash version you are using, if you look at the properties panel towards the right side Usually under the x button), there is a little button that toggles as to showing or hiding parts of the properties panel. You can also try going to the WINDOW menu, click on WORKSPACE, then default. This should change your layout to a default state. Keep in mind if you've altered the workspace from it's default layout, you will have to redo the layout (moving panels around, un-docking them, etc). If you don't know what that means, more than likely you haven't dine it in the first place.
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            Anim9or Level 1
            I got it throught the tiny arrow on the right!
            P.S. If anyone else has this problem, I was using MX