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    DNG files have pink cast in preview & thumbnails mac

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      My previews and thumbnails of DNG files have a pink cast but the original CR2 files don't.

      All DNG files read fine when opened in Adobe software (Lightroom, Raw & Photoshop)


      I've been keeping the CR2 until I understand what's going on but it takes up a lot of extra storage space and some I already deleted before realizing the issue.


      I'm shooting with CANON 5D IV & II (2 different cameras) and the files are coming from various SanDisk cards. This has never happened and only started in April 2018. Images I shot in March didn't have this issues. YET there were some images in March I didn't upload until April and they are pink.

      It seems to be something that has happened during the conversion from CR2 to DNG.


      I use Lightroom CC with Raw 9.12