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    Adobe charater animator


      Hi there! i dont have much experience using adobe softwares, i could not find a way to upload a background image to animator?

      and i would like to know how do i convert my animation into a video? can i combine videos?

      I want to combine a real life video with animation. Real life video then play the animation video. Can i do this in character animator?



      Thank you.

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          alank99101739 Level 4

          To upload a static images as a background, import it as a puppet. You then add it to a scene just like a puppet.


          To convert your animation to video there are several approaches. But inside Character Animator there is an “export” option to send it to Adobe Media Encoder. That is what I normally do.


          To combine videos I use either After Effects or Premier Pro. (You can drag a scene from a Character Animator window into After Effects / Premier Pro (which creates a “dynamic link”). Any changes in Character Animator will automatically become visible in AE/PP.) But what I normally do is export a video from Character Animator and merge the video using AE/PP, but that is personal preference.


          If you want to have a real life video followed by a Character Animator video, followed by real life video again, I would use Premier Pro. Character Animator cannot edit or merge video files. It can only create video files from animations.


          Normally I think of

          * Photoshop/Illustrator to draw artwork

          * Character Animator to create a video of an animation.

          * After Effects to do ”clever things” like masking, chroma keying, advanced titles - “clever stuff”

          * Premier Pro to assemble all the parts into a final video

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