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    Premiere Pro crashed and I think my work got deleted


      So, I was just about to finish my project for a Modes of Film and Video Production class. I was just finishing the credits in fact. Then your app crashed, Premiere Pro 2018 that is, and when I reopened your trustworthy application...it claimed that I had never put any media in that project. You can imagine how I laughed at the silly joke your app was telling me. See I had been putting media in and editing said media for the last week, making it as close to perfect as I can. I just bought your app for this class, I'm not exactly a natural at it, but it was okay. I put in the hard work and the long hours to try to compete with those students who have been working on editing for years and put it off to the last second. And, for the most part, I was satisfied with my final product. And then...as I previously mentioned, your app, Premiere Pro 2018 that is, crashed and deleted all my work. So here I am, with fourteen hours left before this project is due and nothing to show for the last two weeks of hard work. I would greatly appreciate it if you fixed this error, as I can guarantee you that the fault does not lie with me. I did not, as funny as it may have been, delete my own work (which I'm not sure if I mentioned but took two weeks to get to this point). Thanks for what I hope is excellent customer service. I look forward to hearing from you.


      Moderator note: Title was changed to accurately reflect the bug.