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    Strange error with Datagrid

      Some users are reporting me that this datagrid is showing a strange behaviour.

      case 'getMessages':{
      len = data.length;
      for(var i =0; i< len; i++){
      //dpMensajesEncolados.addItem({vc_para:data [''], vc_de:data[''], vc_mensaje:data [''], vc_fecha:data['']});
      {i_busca:data ['i_busca'],
      i_estado:data ['i_estado'],
      i_signo:data ['i_signo'],
      id_mensaje:data ['id_mensaje']

      Once in a while, one of the items (id_mensaje) displays the same information as the one above it. What is strange is that the query returns the correct information, and even more strange is that when the data in the item gets shown in a text, it shows the correct information.

      Any ideas? I am completely confused.
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          use the attach code option in this forum to display code.

          but your problem is not likely a coding issue. it's probably a problem with an conflict between the datagrid and some other component or some other component issue.

          you can try invalidating your datagrid to see if you can force it to draw correctly.