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    Unable to import new XMP presets

    GC33 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have a really strange issue that I'm not able to find a solution to anywhere! There's a lot of info so please bare with me:


      I'm using Lightroom Classic CC, most recent update, running on Mac.


      So I'm wanting to create and sell my own presets. I'm fully aware that the new Lightroom presets have recently changed file format from LRTemplate to XMP, so the presets that I have are all XMP files. The problem is that none of these will be imported into Lightroom at all. I've tried importing through Lightroom itself, using the "+" icon under the presets tab and also directly copying into the path: Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings/User Presets. None of which are working!


      I can still import presets into Lightroom, but only the old LRTemplate files, which it then immediately converts into new XMP files in the new file location! But when I try and copy XMP files directly into this new location they don't show!


      It seems the only way that I'll be able to actually create functioning presets is by creating old LRTemplate presets, however I no longer have these, I only have the newer XMP files which should be enough right?


      Any help is greatly appreciated