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    webhelp.jar problems?

      I recently upgraded three WebHelp systems from RoboHelp 4.1 to RoboHTML 7.02.001. The Help appears to run with IE 6 fine both locally and in our test environments. I don't have access to other browsers to test.

      During the deployment, however, there are problems. WebSphere scans the webhelp.jar file, shows an error message, then refuses to open the file. Manual attempts to open the webhelp.jar file using WinZip or similar tools results in an error, then the jar opens with no files in it. This problem occurs for the webhelp.jar for all three upgraded WebHelp systems.

      I know that there was some issue with unzipping the jar file as of 7/2008 - is this still the case? What is this jar file supposed to do? Is there an issue if the deployment team deletes the file? Or leaves the buggy webhelp.jar file in the directory and sets it out on our Web servers?

      Thank you!