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    Reveal in Finder Timeline Shortcut

    Martinnel Level 1

      I can CTRL+click a clip in the timeline and choose Reveal in Finder, but I can't seem to map it as a shortcut. In fact, it appears I can only map as a shortcut Reveal in Finder from a Project or Bin panel. How come? Or am I missing something?


      Why I care: I've got several clips in my show that I need to transcode in Media Encoder, I only want to do the ones I'm currently working with, I'd like to find them in the timeline and press one key to reveal them outside the project. As is, I either have to ctrl+click the clip and find Reveal in Finder or make sure the clip is highlighted in the timeline, Match Frame it back to the Source window, Reveal in Project and, only then, Reveal in Finder.