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    Getting Current Client Information?

      With an air app I'm writing I would like to know the computer name or any UUID that I could use to single out that computer in my corporate environment. I've dug through all the documentation and the search on here keeps throwing CF Errors.

      Is this possible in anyway?
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          anirudhs Level 2

          I don't think there is an API to get a uuid. But you do have access to the entire file system. For eg: File.userDirectory can be used to find the user name in Windows. If you could find some file in which there is a UUID, your problem would be solved. Though that is OS specific (you can figure out which os you are by using Capabilities.os).

          All that being said, it does sound like a good feature to have. It would be awesome if you can submit a feature request at http://adobe.com/go/wish