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    Premiere only imports Audio

    kristianw63404736 Level 1

      Hey guys,

      So i've seen this question a few times already since the last update but haven't seen any answers that work yet. Basically, Premiere only imports the audio for about 75% of my shots, the other 25% import fine. So far I have tried:

      - Clearing the cache

      - Converting the clips from .mov to .mp4

      - Renaming the source folder

      - Reinstalling Premiere Pro

      - Dragging and going through file/import to import clips

      The original clips I tried to import were .mov files shot on a Nikon D7100.  I then tried all of the above, and each time I re-tried to import clips a different few would work fine and the rest would only import audio. I also tried to import .mp4 files shot on Canon and that didn't work either. Here are my computer specs and my Premiere Pro version. I've been held up for about two weeks now with this problem and I've tried every fix I've come across online, please help! Thanks.



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