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    Recent Update of Premiere has made timeline very "choppy" and it is Definitely not my hardware


      I'm working on a 2013 Mac Pro with a thunderbolt 2 external drive. Recently I updated Premiere Pro, doing so has made the timeline do something I haven't seen before, for every 3 frames it plays, it jumps back 2 frames, it's very bizarre. Here's a clip of what I mean, all I'm doing is pressing play.




      It happens in every project file and using several different drives, I have uninstalled and reinstalled to no use. I do not think it is the hardware not being up to speed because if I scrub through a timeline it's smooth as butter, it's only when I press play that it gets "choppy." If you have any experience with something like this or have any ideas on what to do, I would greatly appreciate some suggestions.