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    Email link: What am I doing wrong?

      I'm frustrated by a problem I've been having: I've created a Flash animation as a little intro on my contact page (the animation swf is in a Dreamweaver cell on the contact page). As the animation finishes, a button appears to which I've added an email action. I've tried several versions of code, based on what I've found online. But each time I export the movie, upload the new html page to my server and test the button, instead of getting an email window with my email address so people can contact me, I get one with the address "user@email.com" and "Feedback" in the subject line. It's the same with different browsers and platforms.

      This is what I first added to the button (it didn't work):

      on (release) {
      getURL("mailto:me@mywebsite.com?Subject="Website Feedback");

      I used the following code and it worked once; after that, each time I tested it, I got the email window with the "user@email.com" address:

      on (release){ getURL("mailto:address@client.com", _blank);

      What am I doing wrong? Any help will be really appreciated!