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    Link/Group multiple clips?

    Natantantan Level 1

      Currently my timeline looks like this:




      Where I have a lot of separated clips with their own matching audio file.


      As you can see, when I click the video portion, the audio portion of the clip does not get selected as well. All these groups are unlinked.


      Is there any way to link each video clip to the audio clip below it?


      Using the built in Link or Group function I would have to select them column by column and I have over 1000 columns so that would take forever

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          Graeme Bull Adobe Community Professional

          If you need to link each one individually, no, there isn't an automatic way to do that. If you just want everything linked up (you probably know this), you could just make a new sequence off of that one.. but I don't think that's what you want. Sounds like a lot of work coming your way!

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