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    Scroll Effects - Jump / Turn

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      I want to let the two green rectangles appear and go down, till they cross each other and form a "X" - then I want the "X" to go up.

      I´ve tried a lots, but it won´t work like I want. If I choose the final motion going up (f.e.) it will go up from the beginning. If I choose initial motion to go left and down and final motion to go up...see yourself. The right rectangle moves just the right direction,,,but it still has to go up later. And the left one just moves a few pixel down and then its moving up...(I know, that I set the motions on both rectangles in a different way - did it just to show what I´ve tried )


      Thanks for helping



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          Hey Nina,


          I have tried to play with few settings in your file and this is what I am able to achieve - https://adobe.ly/2wceHJT.


          I have managed to make both the rectangles to make an X while scrolling down, however keeping it as it is while scrolling back is the thing which can be achieved.


          For this instance, you may have to add another two rectangles and set the scroll effect while scrolling up.





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            Thank you
            I´ve achieved the same as you (I set the motion settings from the left rectangle on different values, intentionally, to show, what I´ve tried.) I also cam up with the idea to add another two rectangles, appearing the moment, when the first ones hit the "X point", and go up. This works ok, but the problem is, that the opacity of the rectangles are 50% (intentionally), and when the first ones hit the second ones you can see the changing of the opacity (the opacity multiplies the moment of crossing of the first and the second rectangles.). So this doesn´t look good. I was wondering how to achieve a "Jump" or "Turn" just like in the scroll effects demo site....


            example for the problem:

            Adobe Creative Cloud