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    Opening Project Question

      I took over our company's one RoboHelp license after the previous person left and am having trouble with a couple of the projects. There's a total of 4 projects, 2 of them were copied into our group's folder over the network. I copied them to my hard drive and they open just fine. The other 2 were related to another group so those folders were copied to a different part of the network. The guy is gone and the files that were on his hard drive gone too so I only have these files that are on the network. Anyway, I copied those 2 project files to my hard drive as well and they see to be missing the project file. They don't have the .XPJ, the .CDP, the .CHM, the .HHC, the .HHK, or the .HHP files. All they have are Jscripts, HTML pages, XML pages, CSS style sheets, text files, various icons, a RoboHHRE.LNG file, a webhelp.jar which gave me a popup that said it was corrupted when I double clicked it, and something called a webhelp cabinet file. I downloaded HHP Builder but when I tried to open the project after building the HHP file, RoboHelp crashed. I did backup before I attempted this. 1 of these projects didn't have that much on it so I don't really care about that one. The other one has dozens of pages on it and it very well developed. That's the one that concerns me.

      I'm afraid I may already know the answer, but I will ask anyway: To anyone's knowledge, is it possible to recreate these files or create source files from the compiled version? The documentation is displaying perfectly fine over the web right now; it just needs some updates. Or am I completely screwed and need to start over with a new project?