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    Media Offline, can't work on project at home?


      I was hoping to work on my project at home so I put the .prproj file onto a flash drive and plugged in my flash drive into my own personal computer. However, upon opening the file, I am greeted with a Convert Project menu so I select the location to my Desktop. Then I am greeted with another window saying Load Project and that an Audio Filter is missing: 4:1635083896 1819304307 1634758764. Another window pops up after I hit Okay, Link Media. I am on a completely different computer and have no access to go retrieve the original file of the project. Afterwards, it states Media is offline and none of the audio or visuals will work. I can't find any solutions to this, please help.

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          Carlos Ziade Adobe Community Professional

          before putting anything on your flash drive, go to project manager and collect your files, and if you have

          more than one sequence make sure you select all sequences in the project manager panel.

          This way premiere will preserve all links to your media.


          the convert project menu is because at home you have a newer version of premiere pro ...

          concerning the missing audio filter, do you have any audio plugins on your first computer

          that are not installed at your home pc ? I don't have enough info about that