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    cfexchangecalendar items created by Entourage

      I'm noticing an odd problem with cfexchangecalendar queries against an Exchange 2007 environment. Calendar items originally created in the Mac Entourage mail client show up with the string "calendar item" as the subject in cfexchangecalendar queries.

      Here's the scenario:
      A user creates a calendar item in their Exchange 2007 calendar using Entourage

      Our CF8 application accesses the Exchange calendar using cfexchangecalendar action="get"

      The returned query shows the string "calendar item" in the subject column for items created in Entourage instead of the subject entered by the user in Entourage. The HTMLMESSAGE column message includes the correct user input subject inside the title tags.

      Outlook Web Access and Outlook clients show the correct subject as input by the user and no sign of the "calendar item" string.

      I'm not sure if something weird happens in the translation between Exchange and ColdFusion, or if Entourage is creating invalid calendar items and the other clients are just more forgiving.

      Has anyone else seen this problem? Is it a ColdFusion bug?