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    Lightroom CC classic new user


      I installed the TKactionV6 extension in Photoshop CC. (13.1.3). The extension didn't work (IMAC High Sierra 10.13.4) until I created a New User on the IMAC. Then the extension, Photoshop, and Bridge worked fine. Unfortunately Lightroom CC under this new user doesn't know where my Lightroom Catalog is. Do I need to import all my photos again under this new user? That doesn't seem right. I'd call Adobe, but it is the weekend and of course they are not open until Monday.



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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Can you point Lightroom to the correct location via File > Open Catalog? It may then re-launch with the correct Catalog open.

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you know where your Lightroom catalog is, just use Finder to browse to that folder and double-click on it. Lightroom should open and use that catalog. Or, when you start Lightroom and it can't find the catalog and asks to use a different one, just browse to the folder and locate the catalog and choose it. Or, on the Mac, it would be Lightroom->Open Recent, and then choose the catalog you have been using.

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              D.A.R Adobe Community Professional

              If you have setup a new account, the only items that "transfer" are the Applications. Meaning that the local files for each user are stored in the relevant Documents Pictures Movies Folders etc


              By default these are not accessible by other users of the iMac.


              Log in to the previous account and go to the Pictures folder. Locate the Lightroom Folder and move it to the Public > Drop Box folder of the new user account. You will get a message stating that you will not be able to see the items in the Drop Box folder. Once they have finished copying you can log in to the new account. Go to the Drop Box folder and move the Lightroom Folder to the Pictures Folder.


              Open the catalog by double clicking it.


              That takes care of the catalog and previews. With respect to the images, if they were stored locally on the iMac they will need to be moved in the same manner. If they were stored on an external drive Lightroom should not have a problem showing them.


              Screenshot 2018-05-05 12.32.38.png

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                SarahHerman02 Level 1

                I tried that but the New User did not have the permissions to use the Lightroom catalogue. I had to copy everything to the new user and now everything is working.

                Thanks so much,


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                Lightroom CC classic new user

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                Can you point Lightroom to the correct location via File > Open Catalog? It may then re-launch withe the correct Catalog open.


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