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    Why is Lightroom CC crashing my computer?

    Allen Birnbach Level 1

      I've been on Creative Cloud for quite a while.  I upgraded to the new version of Lightroom CC a couple of months ago when the two Lightrooms were split up.  From the first time I launched it, the new Lightroom CC opens to the grid layout, but the computer is frozen.  Last night, I noticed that there was an update to the program, so I installed that hoping it would clear up the issue but no luck.  Launching the program freezes my computer.  As a side note, Photoshop and Premiere, the other two programs I use from the Suite are working just fine.


      I working on a Mac Pro, Early 2008 dual 2.8 GHz processors, with OS 10.11.6., 22GB RAM.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.