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    Can´t apply presets


      I´ve been using Lightroom for a long time now and everything worked fine until today....

      I have the problem that when i want to apply one of my own presets (or one of the default ones) Lightroom

      shows the changes in the preview windows but it wont apply them. I already reinstalled Lightroom and reseted my settings.

      Please help me

      P.S. when i change something with the sliders on the right, everything is fine


      Screenshot (3).png

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          JohanElzenga Adobe Community Professional

          I'm afraid you are one of those people who have updated a Lightroom 6 installation with the Lightroom Classic updaters. The screenshot show this: you do have 'Dehaze' in the Basic panel, but you don't have the new profiles section. And in the upper left corner it says 'Lightroom 7', not 'Lightroom Classic'. These updates should never have been possible for you, because you do not have a subscription to Lightroom Classic, you only have a perpetual license for Lightroom 6 (there is no perpetual license for Lightroom Classic and there is no Lightroom 7). Due to a bug in the updaters it was possible after all, and causes all kinds of problems.


          The only solution is to go back to Lightroom 6, the version you have a license to use. In order not to lose all the work you may have done since your first update, select all the images that were imported after you updated to Classic and choose 'Metadata - Save Metadata to Files'. The open Lightroom 6 with your old Lightroom 6 catalog, and import these images. The edits and metadata should come over, except those edits that are new for Lightroom Classic (Range Mask).

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            tomj17177072 Level 1

            Ok but actually i this is not an upgraded Version this is the normal Lightroom Classic i ve downloaded twice this dat but always the same but i found a german user having the Same issue after updating to 7.3  maybe this is the problem or?

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              JohanElzenga Adobe Community Professional

              Do you pay a monthly subscription?

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                tomj17177072 Level 1

                No but another interesting thing i found out is that when i download Adobe Lightroom 6 (no CC) and install it on my friends PC and than inst the CC Setup it says that i have Lightroom CC 2015 installed but it is the non CC Version strange

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                  tomj17177072 Level 1

                  But with this workraround i can use Lightroom:

                  go to this Webpage



                  and Press on this Title

                  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6


                  than you can download an older Version

                  and when you do not own the Lightroom 6 Version

                  and you have only a CC subscribtion you can also use and hopefully Update it later without this Bug

                  in the Version 7.3

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