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    + How to Correctly Back Up LR Catalog for when Uninstall/Reinstall LR +

    mk45755108 Level 1

      Hi -


      I'm going to be taking my laptop to the apple store. It is probable that it will be wiped out and fresh start.


      I previously created my LR catalog by importing images from external drives, built smart previews, and proceeding to add a lot of metadata, keywords, ratings (colors, stars and flags) to the images. I back-up almost every time I make changes.


      My questions are,

      to uninstall and then re-install LightRoom to my computer,

      + what steps do I need to take beforehand so that my database is restored with all the information/keywords/metadata/etc?

      + will I need to locate the images in the external drives again?

      + what if I've changed the name of one of those drives?


      I'm running on an older version of Lightroom CC 2015.12 release for now.


      Thank you -