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    7.3.1 still not working

    camera_man Level 1

      I'm running Lightroom Classic on a Windows 10 / 64 computer.

      Installed and uninstalled 7.3, because couldn't work with so many bugs.

      A few days ago installed 7.3.1

      Same problems, reinstalled 7.2

      7.3.1 is constantly stalling ("Lightroom not responding"). I'm tired. Every time computer comes to life after sleep or hibernate states, if LIghtroom was previously opened, I know that I'll have to force it  to close (crtl-alt-del), since it is in the grey not responding state... every time I have to import photos, Lightroom will stall a lot of times, I have to force it to close, because it stalls again and again...

      Sometimes it is not sufficient to force the "end task": it is necessary to restart windows!!! huggh. Tired.

      Now I'm again working with version 7.2, everything ok.

      I's a pity, after years of perfect and brilliant performance, Adobe is neglecting this app so necessary to photographers. Happily Photoshop CC is still perfect, alive and kicking.@

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I know this isn't a solution. But years ago, probably back in the Lightroom 3 era, I had my computer set to hibernate. Whenever I reactivated the computer Lightroom gave me fits then. My solution then was to cancel out hibernation. I just don't use it. I either let the computer run or shut it down completely. You do what best suits your situation. But I haven't had problems with Lightroom since I made that change.