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    Pano stitching problems with Lightroom Classic CC

    REDennis Level 1

      I continue to have problems stitching photos made with my Nikon PCE Lenses, generally with my 45mm PCE Lens, when stitching panoramas in Lightroom Classic CC.


      On preview, a large seam appears right down the middle of any three image stitch I make.  And its there when I proceed with the stitch.  I start the stitch preview in Perspective mode, but no matter which mode I select the seam is there.


      These are three image stitches made by shifting the lens left-right or up-down, moving the lens mechanism to each of the built in slide stops.  The lens is not tilted, all exposures for a given stitch are identical, both in F stop and in shutter speed. 


      I make certain the three images intended for stitching are processed identically, but the problem occurs even if I reset each image to no corrections at all prior to stitching.


      These are made with my Nikon D810.  Note that Lightroom manages to stitch panoramas flawlessly when stitch frames are shot with any other non PCE Nikkor lens. 


      Generally the seams appear almost always with stitches made from my 45mm, but also my 24mm, and occasionally my 85mm PCE as well.  Generally frames for stitching made with the 85mm though only exhibits this error very rarely.


      I can pull the same frames into Photoshop and pano stitch to TIF files flawlessly.  So this appears to be a problem with Lightroom interpreting the 45mm PCE image files.


      I've occasionally had stitch success by first cropping each frame slightly before attempting the stitch in Lightroom, but even this no longer now seems to work.


      I'm using the current subscription versions of Lightroom and Photoshop, all up to date.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'll reveal my ignorance here. I don't know what a PCE lens is. I have been creating panoramas with a Nikon D7100 with a 18-105 mm and even a 10-20 mm without much difficulty. Lately I've been going through some old Nikon D 40 images from a decade ago that were taken with a Sigma 18-200 mm and I've gotten some reasonable panorama images from that one as well. Have you applied lens correction prior to creating the panorama? Don't know if it would matter. Just a thought.


          I just did a Google search on the PCE lens. I have a hunch that the tilt shift function is what might be throwing your stitching off, but I don't know because I don't have any specialized lenses such as that. I'd have to do some research, and it's late. There are some other gurus who might know more about this than I do.

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            Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Lightroom's stitching algorithm cannot deal with tilt/shift lenses. It tries to correct the image using it's lens profile before stitching but gets bad results because the lens profile it has is only valid at zero shift which is what seems to be the problem and then can't figure out how to stitch the resulting wrongly distorted images. You need to use other software to stitch these images. I like hugin but Photoshop works in a pinch.