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    Premier Hertz Sync Audio problem

    adinmilo Level 1

      ive nested the multi cam in my timeline. Now ithe video is in 4800htz and the audio is at 4410htz or something like that.

      The stupid thing goes out of sync. How can I fix this? Or can I unnest the video?


      I can't believe Adobe changes the hertz of my video when i nest it. So stupid.


      Most options I've seen are something along the lines of a Mathematics degree to actually execute. So I'm looking for a simple option.



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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Video doesn't have a Herz, only audio. Video has a frame-rate.


          What are the  source files of your video and audio?



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            adinmilo Level 1

            It was an interview I filmed with 3 cameras.


            The video was filmed on a GoPro Hero at 60fps and 1920x1080.

            The audio was recorded the two snowball Mics.


            The audio was to the video (which I chopped up with the multi-cam feature and it worked fine for days. UNTIL I clicked nest on the video timeline, then it stuffed up. I took the videos out of the unnest and into the timeline again,  but that still had the same issue.


            I'm just stumped at how to fix this.


            when I export the audio as a wave and convert it to 48htz and reimport it, I still have the same issue.