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    My Epson 3880 is not behaving after reinstalling windows 10


      I am using Lightroom CC Classic 7.3.1,  Photoshop CC 2018.  Windows 10 64 bit


      Recently my computer "crashed" and the repair included reloading Windows 10.  I had to reload the drivers for my Epson Stylus Pro 3880 and the prints look AWFUL!  I have tried several different settings and have reloaded the drivers - but the images still look horrible.  The images have an almost metallic appearance, no saturation and almost no blacks. The problem shows with multiple Epson papers.   I have run the printer diagnostics, cleaned the jets and even swore at it.


      If I connect my laptop computer to the printer,  the images print beautifully.  To me this  suggests a Windows and/or driver problem.



      Can anyone  help?  Please!!


      Kim Nicholas